Architecture CAD Design

Arch CAD Design provides beautiful 3D property designs using the latest technology to create realistic images of your house or building before you've laid the first brick.

Some clients come to us with just an idea, others with a detailed plan of the house.  Our service converts your idea or technical drawings into beautifully rendered 3-dimensional designs.

House Design

We aim to make the designs as realistic as possible, to give you a real sense of being there.  This includes:

  • Ensuring that the dimensions of the house fit precisely with the plans provided.
  • Placing the house in the same environment as it will be located, using photos of the area where the house will be, or illustrations if you'd prefer.
  • Showing the house in the same kind of light.  If outdoor lighting is important, we can also provide nighttime visualisations of the house.

3D Architectural Rendering

Arch CAD Design is part of Indigoextra Ltd and includes a team of graphic and website designers.  Our architecture design services include:

  • Converting your ideas or house plans into computer rendered 3-dimensional designs.
  • Taking photographs of the location of your property and including them in the design.
  • 3D rendering and other computer aided design to create realistic illustrations of buildings.
  • Designing animated 360 degree walk throughs of your property so you can view it from different angles.
  • Digital enhancement and photo editing.

In addition to our architecture CAD design services, we can also provide other graphic design services to market or promote your business.  This includes 3-dimensional CAD interior design, meaning that if you'd like to visualize both the exterior and interior of your house, our architectural designers can create it for you.

3D house at night

3D rendering property with pool

Rendered house