Creative Advertising


Selling good beer's not all about taste, it's also about the bottle
As with all goods, you can have the best beer in the world to sell, but put in a bottle with a bland, boring label and give it an uninteresting name and you're unlikely to attract many new customers wandering past it in the supermarket or off-licence. Graphic designers spend much time coming up with logos and images to make products easily and pleasantly recognisable, the same goes for beer labels and beer bottle tops. These may not just differ between brands of beer, but the same brands will change their designs slightly depending on special events, for instance, Budweiser redesigned their bottle label and bottle top for the Millennium. Most bottle tops contain part of, or all of, the logo from the beer label, sometimes with the whole beer name incorporated, sometimes just an abbreviation is used instead. The crucial thing is that the bottle top and bottle label are both memorable and not off-putting, that is the task of the graphic designer; especially with more modern beers. Many older breweries, especially European ones, have old coats of arms integrated into their logos, something that would not be seen in modern logos.
Another aspect that could be considered when designing bottle tops is designing the top to be attractive and memorable for its own sake. Many bottle tops are used creatively within other designs,, fridge magnets have been made out of them, trays made from them and even kitchens tiled with them! With websites also offering individuals the opportunity to design their own bottle tops, the importance of designing a great-looking bottle top, not just to be seen on the bottle, is high when it comes to publicity for your beer. Let's see what graphic design produces!

Catching the Customer’s Eye – Professionally Branded Post

Making your company’s name stand out when dealing with customers is one of the key goals of any marketing strategy.  One simple way of raising your profile is to ensure that the first thing your customer sees in any postal delivery is your name and distinctive logo.  Look at any delivery from one of the larger players, whether it’s a freight consignment, parcel, invoice or advertising flyer, and the first impression that the packaging or envelope gives has invariably been clearly thought through.  Even before the wraps have been taken off, the sender’s name comes across loud and clear.

With modern digital label printers, it’s easy for even the smallest company to achieve the same effect.  The label design is a key consideration.  It needs to convey your name and brand to the customer in an eye-catching way, preferably displaying a unique logo which encourages a strong association with your company’s products and services.  Use of colour or even computer designed images boosts the effect and adds to the professional look of your business communication.  And with today’s high quality label printers it’s a quick and straightforward process.

Your postal communications with customers are a blank billboard waiting to be filled.  It’s a marketing opportunity too good to miss.