Digital Label Printers for Versatile Graphics

Today’s consumers are inundated with sophisticated marketing and advertising techniques, from Flash adverts online to moving image posters of the kind seen around the perimeters of football grounds or other sporting venues.  This constant exposure to advertising and marketing may make people a little blasé about new products, but it is probable that most people actually take more notice of packaging than they realise.

We almost certainly look for particular labels when doing our supermarket shopping, whether that is by scanning for a specific colour, logo or image for products or by reading labels in detail for content specifications, especially for foods where allergies can be a real problem.  This means that manufacturers have to be very conscious of the effect of their logos and overall graphics when considering the launch of new products, or even re-branding existing ones.

Anything that can help speed up the decision making process when designing new labels and packaging has to be worthwhile, such as purchasing an in-house label printer for your company. One advantage of having your own digital label printer is the flexibility to experiment with, for instance, the effect of different graphics and colours when a new product is being launched.  This can help considerably in deciding on the overall packaging requirements and different label styles and colours can always be tested through market research, or even through asking friends and family for their opinions! can advise on the most appropriate label printer for your business.

It can also be helpful to try out the effect of a particular design not just on a single item, but to experiment with the impact of different logos and colours on a whole row of packets, bottles or boxes.  Sometimes the image that looks perfect on its own loses its effect when there is a simulation of a product in situ on the supermarket shelves.  Being able to adjust colours, relative sizes or images at the touch of a button can save hours of the frustration and cost involved of having to order minimum numbers of pre-printed labels, only to find that you want to change something.

There are other considerations for label printing of products, including different, often very stringent, regulations for different industries.  Percentages and food values of the ingredients have to be listed for food and drink products; fabrics and soft furnishing must include fire hazard warnings whilst chemicals have to list health and safety considerations.  Spare a thought for the graphic designer who has to comply with all these labelling requirements and still make the product look attractive!

Flexibility is one of the real strengths of having your own colour label printer on site, especially for industries such as organic food processing, where there may be several different products packed in fairly small numbers.  The same situation applies when having to meet deadlines for shipping overseas, perhaps to a country with additional labelling requirements.  This poses few problems for a trained operator, who simply keys in a couple of different codes and the label printing is taken care of.