Original graphic design and illustration

Indigoextra Ltd is a company of creative graphic designers and illustrators of remarkable skill and originality. Speaking English and French, they can design and illustrate almost any request a person may have.  

When creating a one of a kind works of art for people, the team at Indigoextra Ltd, led by Allison Carmichael will discuss by phone or e-mail in some detail, exactly what the person requires. With 25 years experience as a graphic designer and illustrator she knows how to find out what people want and how to make a unique and creative logo, banner, book cover or anything else that may be required.

Each of Indigoextra's works of art are totally original and never before seen designs. With each project there is always the option of modifying the designs provided or even starting again from scratch to ensure that the customer is happy with the end result.

With clients all over the world Indigoextra have proven their creative abilities time and again in multiple fields.

  • Corporate Identity: Working closely with the organization Indigoextra will create logos, ready to print business cards, brochures or A4 images for power point presentations. Having worked recently with The Interfaith Foundation, they redesigned their logo and illustrated many of their promotional material.
  • Board games: As a board game graphic designer, Allison Carmichael at Indigoextra has illustrated and acted as the graphic designer for three games; the challenging puzzle game ’The Da Vinci Game’, the lying trivia game ’Liar Liar’ and the hysterically funny game ‘Eurobabble’.
  • Magazines and books: Working with Tara Shilling the author of ‘And Anyway About Me’, Indigoextra illustrated the cover and the inside illustrations. Working alone Allison created the ‘My Cats Picture Book’ series, three picture books about the world as two cats see it.
  • Graphic Web Design: Indigoextra are an accomplished team of graphic designers.  They are experienced with banner designs, background images, specialized illustrations for specific topics, and tasteful layouts.
  • Portrait Painting: Using a variety of methods but primarily oil on canvas, Allison can paint a variety of portraits on commission. If desired the painting can be an ordinary scene or she can make the person into a guardian angel, fairy or another mystical character.
  • Landscape Painting: Focusing on Southern France, Allison Carmichael has painted numerous pictures of the enchanting landscape that surround her home.

These are simply a broad outline of her creative illustrations and graphic designs. Allison's creative graphic design portfolio shows you everything that she has done, and discover why Allison Carmichael is the right woman for any graphic or illustration job.