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Indigoextra is a first rate international SEO and linking service, providing Search Engine Optimized articles and links to high quality websites and directories in both French and English. They specialize in organic SEO services using top search engine placements for websites on Google, Bing and other search engines (though our focus is very much on Google, as they hold 90% of the European market).

Link Building

Indigoextra is able to achieve first page placements on Google through many different means. When creating an article for customers over 20 different aspects of SEO writing are investigated, but one of their main focuses is on link building.

Linking to high quality websites is one of the crucial aspects of creating effective SEO. By contacting webmasters with similar content and requesting one-way incoming links to their clients Indigoextra builds a series of links that draws attention to the articles from not only search engines but people visiting various websites.

Directory submissions are another way the company ensures customers see their clients articles. Each site is submitted to popular directories and seen by millions of people who use the directories daily.

Articles written by this SEO service are submitted individually to relevant websites. This ensures that search engines won't have any problems with duplicate content, as all articles will be unique and placed on related sites as guest posts.  

This linking is important for any SEO article. Google counts every link to your article. Each link says that your article is important and high quality. Without these links your article no matter how well written is considered poorly.

Of course its important that the links be to relevant and high quality websites. If the link is to a blog that no one follows, is a known spam site, or are on websites that have no relevance to the topic they are rated much lower by the Google search engine.

So every link to your website or article is carefully planned. The sites they link to must be indexed by Google, have relevancy to the SEO article or website, have a good domain authority, and absolutely no spam sites or high spam content. By targeting standard websites it ensures that time and effort isn’t wasted on poor SEO results.

Articles on Guest Blogs

Writing original, interesting SEO articles requires hard work, knowledgeable writers and detailed attention to your needs When we submit your article to relevant blogs as guest posts, the article has to be top quality, as each article is manually reviewed.
Or if you have a well written article but don’t know how to submit it they can do it for you. Simply send them the article with the necessary information and it will quickly be read by people all over the world.

When using our service, university graduate writers will write the article, who are also first language English speakers, simply explain what you require and the necessary details. The written article will always maximize for Search Engine Optimization, be well researched, and most importantly unique and original.
More Information

Based in Derbyshire, UK, Indigoextra offers all the necessary search engine optimization services for your website. Please visit them at for more details.